GuildChat 3.0: ‘All In One App’ That Every Crypto Enthusiast Must Have

GuildChat is a messaging application developed by the Blockchain Company BitGuild SR. The latest version 3.0 looks very cool and amazing, I just love it. GuildChat is not just a chat application, But more of an All in One App for crypto. It offers additional features: Coin drops, dApp Browser, Market Tracker, Wallet Integration + Multichain Wallets, Crypto News Feed, and Ofcourse connect and meet new people! That’s amazing. Isn’t it? Let’s see it in detail.
You can download GuildChat 3.0 here : GuildChat

Chat & Share Coins

In GuildChat you can find and join a variety of groups, Chat with your friends, meet new people, share your knowledge, and learn. Just that? No! You can share and collect coins or tokens such as BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB with each other. Guild chat offers the ‘Coin Drop’ for this. Just tap and select the coin or token you want to gift. You can drop it in personal chat and group chats. To collect a drop gifted by someone, Just tap the ‘Drop’ It works like Airdrop but much easier and avoid the complexity of typing wallet address every time.  So Earn while Learn. It’s simply superb!


Multiple Chain Wallets

The coins and tokens collected via Drops will instantly be credited to ‘Coin Pouch’ which is a centralized wallet. You can either use it for drops or withdraw to your Cold wallets. To this, you can import or create wallets and connect to your guild chat account. Plus Guildchat gives the feature of a Multi-Chain wallet, where you can access different chain wallets like BTC, TRX, and ETH with one key. Sending tokens via guild chat is very easy.

dApp Browser & Crypto News Feed

Another important feature that guild chat provides is it’s fastest and chain-linked dApp Browser. You can open all links inside the app with this cool browser. Play your favorite dApps on Tron chains like SUN, Wink, Trontrade, and other chains.  There is also a ‘Crypto News’ inside the Browser which displays article feeds from Crypto. Tap and view them inside the browser. While visiting the links you can minimize the tab with the ‘Floating’ option and come back to the window in one click. That means you don’t need to exit the web pages while chatting. The browser itself is a wonderful creation from GuildChat. Hats off to the team!

Market Tracker- Price, Volume

There is a dedicated ‘Market’ option in Guild chat. You can view the cryptocurrencies in the ranking order and volume. Also, it let you add them to your Favourite lists. You can also share it on Twitter, WhatsApp on Facebook.  

GuidChat Web Version

GuildChat offers additional Web version of GuildChat. Install the web app on your PC/laptop and Scan QR with the app. You can simultaneously chat on app and web.

Dedicated Support Team

This is one of the great things I found in GuildChat. In GuildChat you will never be stuck anywhere. There is a dedicated support team to help you whenever you face any troubles. You can reach out to the GuildKeepers for live support. All your queries and issues will be solved in a speedy manner. Great Job guys!

General Features

The app has a cool User Interface, Light & Dark Modes, Invite Contacts, Create and join multiple groups, Discover New Groups, Fast and great customer support, Highly Secure, QR Code Sharing.  

GuildChat & BitGuild

GuidChat version 1.0 was launched in 2018. It was very successful. The team expanded it with more features and launched version 2 in the next year. Now the latest version 3.0 recently arrived with additional features. It clearly shows the commitment and effort of the team toward this project. BitGuild is the parent company of GuildChat. Bitguild is also one of the Tron Representative SR and is focused on building blockchain applications. Besides GuildChat, Bitguild has two other popular products; Trontrade, and GuildWallet. PLAT is the official token of BitGuild. Trontrade is a tron based decentralized exchange (DEX) where you can trade listed tokens including BTT, and SUN. It’s one of the top dApps in the Tron chain. GuildWallet is a browser wallet extension that acts as a bridge to interact with the dApps. It supports multiple chains.      
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