Xiaomi To Launch Mi Box 4 TV Set Top Box by January 2018

Xiaomi launched their previous Mi Box 3 about a year ago. So Mi Box 4 will be a top to botton upgrde to the former. Xiaomi is all set to call the official press conference to launch Xiaomi Mi Box 4 Smart TV Set Top Box by the end of January, 2018.

Mi box 4

All we got this image showing that the newcomer will be the fourth generation of Mi Box and will launch by end of the month, January. The technical features of Mi Box 4 yet to reveal.

The picture shows several clouded Mi Boxes with subjects like, “What is the weather today in Bejing,” “Turn on the lights,” “I want to see an action movie,” and “Tell the sweeping robot to sweep the floor.” There’s a larger box in the center with the caption, “I am Mi Box 4, see me as early as Monday at 10:00.” Based on this details, the news centres have assumed the Mi Box 4 launch on 29th January