Turn your Android into Stylish iPhone X

Like every mobile users, my heart pumps at high for owing an iPhone X but even thinking of it burn my pockets. I’d already lost a kidney and even its not exceeded above half of its costs. I hardly accepted that buying plan of an iPhone X put me in long despair.

Wait, I got an alternative. My deep love for iPhone X made me to find a solution that replaces the idea of buying iPhone X almost. I would like to introduce a new app infront of you. This app can transform your android into a royal iPhone X but remember its just on software level and don’t expect quality and hardware acceleration provided by Apple.

Xoutof10One app makes that iPhone X happen all for free. XOutOf10

Xoutof10Well, you won’t pay 999$ just to test it. And now, you don’t need to!

Download App : XOutOf10