Taking Away The Indian Masterpieces : Mindfulness Based Treatments

If Theft is done on a decent way – what would you call it ?
In a world filled with a population more than 8 billion , no one would have time to look over the matters of your fellow beings unless you are an intelligent thief. The script i would like to discuss with you today is nothing else but behind the scenes of well planned robberies and thefts we are witnessing today and the fun fact is that the victims here are not poor indians imstead the infinte foreigners who still boasts about their level of thinkings. Lets discuss the things clearly .

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Yoga , no doubt is considered as one of the most primitively ultra modern type of lifestyle which has miraculous effects on both the physical and mental health and perceptions of an individual in a lot of ways. The diluted versions of yoga are presently a hit among the modern families of india and obviously in the foreign lands and they are spending an enormous amount of money on behalf of these hoping for a good health. Many foreigners are cheated blindly by the crooked by propogating the fast relief yoga providing and these yoga masters even does not know the soul of the Yoga. Foreigners by hearing the name yoga are attracted by it without giving much thought about the credibility of the teachers or the essence behind it because they have heard something like that somewhere and that somethong they have to implement in their life by simple imitations. Most interesting fact is that many selt proclaimed yoga teachers are now billionaires and the thing i know about them is that they are great gurus who sometimes may be any avatar of an age old God or practisioners of yoga and meditations. Prana healing , yoga therapies , meditational magics etc are misused by a lot of persons and they are making a lot of money from it , i mean a lot. Actually yoga have a magical power in a broad sense which enables energy flow through several cosmic levels of an individual and enables the opening of several chakras if done in correct manner for years . But who the heck in this modern time will go for that unless you are meditating in himalayas searching for your inner selfs without any external emotions.

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The next brilliance in cheating the foreigners by the same series is by the higher payments and higher proclamations of false ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is the most oldest method of treatment of ailment in the known universe. It does have a certain purity and affirmity which was proved by several great personalities and even currently by some rare doctors. But the credibility of the medicines we get through ayurveda is not that much satisfiable enough and this scenario is even worse in foreign areas where false practisioners without any licenses makes their marks. Now the picture have came up anything which is written ayurvedic or herbal can be charged double. Even blackmagics in the name of indian traditions are prevailing in many of the foreign nations for the empowerment of buisness , destruction of enemies and even more funny things. So pity. Another funny element of selling the astrological traditions is the unlimited supply of birthstones and other magical stones which they beleive to have magical powers and wearing it may cause drastic positiveness in their life. Yes , to an extent it is true since we know that if a person strongly beleives something , surely it will happen due to the flow and connections of your energy vibrations and self confidence and it becomed a self coincidence since a person who beleiving and wearing a stone sees positive results as long as he beleives in him.

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Finally , the only thing i would like to share with you is that the one and only person who can change your destiny , behviour and success rate is YOU and strong beleif on yourself can bring drastic postive extravaganazas , amusement and astonishing moments in your life and if you have any doubt in this statement , just think about your greatness and DO the hardwork. Surely , you will succeed massively

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