Science and religion : Choose Your Path

Science and religion – which is acceptable ? Read below
Clocking these two words together was a humangasourous task for many people who seeks what is the meaning of life. But the reality about life in a world of science and matured religions is far more fascinating if we account all the facts from the history. It was always fun for the religious priests to tease science and the same was always great for famous scientists to tickle religious beliefs. But we all have in certain stage of dilemma on what is possibly the right one . Science or religion. Since this is not a matter to settle on one article we can talk about this on several conversations.

First , there were a lot of scientists who undoubtedly criticised religious practices which include darvin who proposed theory of evolution , neis bohr and chadwick who founded atomic structures and associated theories , richard dawkins etc were famous atheistic scientists who quarreled that humans are merely a part of matter. There are some others who beleive the power of human mind and proposes that power lies within the mind in a lot of possible energy variations like sigmund freud , autjors like napolean hill or shiv khera. But whats the correct position to be fixed is to be continued

Science and religion - choose your path

The answer to our question is still not clear. On the other side of the coin there were many other famous scientists who beleived in God and chose religious practices as a part of their life. For eg galelio galeli was once said ‘ i feel obliged to beleive that the same God who endowed us with senses , reasons and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.’ Even the Great albert einstein also havent rejected the possibility of Lord and he said life is full of mysteries. Charles darvin also has hesitations towards the existence of God. But the real ideology and evidences point out that the existemce of a higher form of energy is really active on this planet and universe as there are many things and facts that still makes us undigested. The power of inner self can be understood easily by everyone and prayer can be the key to self respect and inner piece. Every religion teaches that God lies with in you and you are the temple of lord. This points out to the importance of our inner energy which is capable of everything even the things which we think we cant. So it is reasonble to beleive that some sort of energy vibrations are waving across the universe and we are merely a part of it . Seriously , anyone who beleives in themselves , who beleives he is capable of anything remains invincible by this same form of energy. So choose your side validating the present evidences but know this thing , there are a lot of things which happens in every milli second which you cant understand at this level of your cosmic sense and makes you to realise a superior power.

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