Reasons for Increasing Campus Aggressions and Violence

July 2, 2018 : Recently The famous arts and science college , maharajas in Kerala has witnessed a horrifying political warfare at 12.30 am due to unknown reasons and conditional jealousies between 2 student parties . SFI and NDF. Comrade abimanyu have been murdered by NDF campus friend criminals and another comrade arjun have been seriously wounded admitted at medical trust hospital.

Sfi comrade abhimanyu murder
SFI’s statement for calling protest

This recent incident throws light on the earlier step taken by the authorities to ban campus politics which was seriously criticised. To an extent , campus politics will emotionally and intellectually lead to the betterment of a person as many famous leaders have grown in an environment of such politics. But now the campus had became a serious and major place to recruit several party servants as considering their age , many students can be moulded according to their wish by providing false powerhood and protection. Remember life is the only asset we have and all others is merely an illusion . Many students cant understand the consequences of such arrogances and attack they show off to portray them as very powerful individuals. Just remember , what finaly persists is your character on how you behave to other fellow beings.