Rakshadhikari Baiju (Oppu ) Review : A Hearty Family Movie Filled With Nostalgia

Rakshadhikari Baiju (Oppu ) Review by Afsal

Acclaimed script writer Ranjan Pramod has penned some brilliant films like ‘Meesha Madhavan’,’Naran’ and ‘Randam Bhavam’ in the past decade,but couldn’t taste success on his advent into direction as both ‘Photographer’ and ‘Rose Guitarinal’ failed to make any impact among the viewers in general.With ‘Rakshadikari Baiju Oppu’ we get see Ranjan make a stunning comeback into mollywood stamping his adroitness in direction with full morale and determination to make a hearty movie that will be remembered by the malayali audience for long.

Packed with simplicity throughout the narrative,Raksh adikari Baiju Oppu is a realistic presentation that won hands down in reworking the elements of nostlagia that we all have come across and wish to experience once again in our life.Similar to the 2014 flick 1983,it is this connect that the storyline has with our culture and childhood that makes this simple film a lovable experince eventhough the run time is too lengthy at around 160 minutes.

There is a fluidity in the way Ranjan presented the unpretentious instances taking place around a village playground and combined these tiny bits to make a wholesome entertainer without any amount of over the top action,melodrama or forced humor at any point in the narration.Eventhouh the second half turned a bit serious in comparison with the light hearted first half,the connect was rock solid and a stellar natural act by Biju Menon combined ensured that there wasn’t any shade of lag at any point in the movie.

The message that the movie tried to convey was socially relevant and all the sub-plots utilized were connected well with this central issue may it be the impressive cameo by Dileesh Pothen as an NRI on vacation,the success story of the teenager who conquered heights by sticking onto his dream or the budding romance inside the character played by Deepak.Each character was well detailed and had an identity of his own,a tremendous achievement for Ranjan who deserves a special applause for the same.

The use of sync sound made the narrative more effective at times,but had notable auditory issues particularly in the first 45 minutes of the narration.The climax was simple,but nevertheless impactful and spot on in conveying the message that the movie put forward.
Biju Menon gave a top notch performance as the title character Baiju and utilized each instance that demanded the natural actor inside him to the fullest.Hannah Reji Koshy played the female lead part convincingly.Aju Varghese and Hareesh Perumanna were a delight to watch on screen.Deepak Parambol was good.Dileesh Pothen’s cameo was notable.The newcomer who played pair to Aju varghese did an impressive job.Senior actors like Janardhanan and Vijayaraghavan gave good support.
There was only minimal background score in the movie,which was refreshing and boosted the realisitic nature of the narrative.Songs by Bijibal were good eventhough the fact remains that atleast two of them could have been easily chopped off without any harm to the narration.Cuts by Samjith MHD were fine.DOP by Prasanth Raveendran was good.

Overall,’Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu’ is a stunning comeback by Ranjan Pramod who has succeeded in creating a pretty decent entertainer that deserves a watch from the big screens.


Biju Menon, Brilliant Rework Of Nostalgia, Socially Releavant Subject, Good Direction

Weak links

Few Spot, Dubbing Issues, Abundance Of Songs

Final Verdict: Ranjan Pramod’s comeback flick,’Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu’ is a nostalgic collection of simple,hearty incidents that ensures a delightful watch for the families this holidays.
Wish those good old days are back !