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Open A ICICI Bank Account (Zero Balance) Without Ever Stepping Out Of Your Home


Now you can open an ICCI bank savings account online and no need to visit a bank, KYC can be done online.
The account number is generated instantly and you can transact instantly. You will also get an ICICI platinum debit card

I gonna explain it below by step by step process


What is ICCI Mine Account?

ICICI Bank Mine is an instant saving account that can be opened online

Who are eligible for MINE Account?

You are an Indian resident, above 18 years of age (NRIs are not eligible to open this account
You do not hold any other Account on ICICI bank

What are the Documents Required?

Aadhaar Card ( it has to be linked with our mobile number, you have to do eKYC)

What if my Aadhaar is not linked with my mobile number?

sorry you can’t open an account online




  • Open Your Insta Save Account Instantly Online
  • Get A Platinum Debit Card And Earn Reward Points On Spends
  • All Your Platinum Debit Card Benefits Now Safely Available On Your IMobile Using The Virtual Debit Card Facility
  • Enjoy 5 Free ATM Withdrawals At Any Banks’ ATM Every Month
  • Exciting Offers On Restaurants Near You; Online Shopping – Electronics, Groceries, Apparels And Accessories; Travel And Much More With Insta Save Accoun
  • Complete Your Verification Through Video KYC And Get A Full-Fledged Digital Account
  • Get Air Accident Insurance Of Rs 50,000 With Insta Save Accounts

How to open the Account ?

Step 1

Download iMobile app from Play store or App store


You can also use this link to sign up from your mobile browser



Location Access Error

You have to give location access in the browser to continue


Step 2

Go to this link:




Select Mine Account and click Apply
NB : Don’t select another account rather than MINE  then you have to keep a minimum balance of 10000rs to

Step 3

Enter Mobile Number, Email, and PAN number then click continue

Step 4

Enter Aadhaar card details then you will receive an OTP enter that for ekyc verification





Step 5

Fill in your basic details like salary, profession, marital status, etc and then  click continue


Step 6


On the next screen, you can add nominee details and  the name which is displayed on your debit card


add nominee details


Step 7

Enter your Address and confirm communication address also

Enter your Address and confirm communication address also

Step 8

A Preview of your application form will be appear, do verify your entered details and accept all terms and conditions

on the next screen, you have to enter an OTP received for consent to open an account



After that, you will be redirected to a page to complete your video KYC




Keep your Pan card with you and also a pen and paper to sign

Customer will get an SMS from Bank once KYC is successful

After completing KYC you can access your account from iMobile App



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