One Plus 5T – Latest Leaks, Rumours and Renders

According to the latest rumour the premium smartphone manufacturer One Plus is nearing its next launch most likely a smartphone named One Plus 5T considering the company’s history. This will definitely be a major overhaul from the One Plus 5 which it already launched earlier this year at least in the design front. As the entire smartphone market is shifting towards using the 18:9 aspect ratio, the company is unlikely to stick to the traditional 16:9 AR which the One Plus 5 used. Supporting this rumours, a pair of renders of the suspected One Plus 5T leaked online

Oneplus 5T

As far the design in the render go, the new smartphone is strikingly similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 on the front even though the display isn’t curved. The fingerprint sensor have moved to the back of the phone, above the logo. The back of the phone bears minimal changes other than the addition of fingerprint. Considering the overall look and feel the One Plus 5T will have a compelling design.

Another fact supporting the rumoured launch is that One Plus 5 is getting out of stock starting in US. Earlier when the company launched One Plus 3T, One Plus 3 too was being removed from the global market. This indicates a pattern. But whats different is that One Plus 3T didn’t brought many changes over One Plus 3. This year it will be different as One Plus 5T is going to bring much bigger changes over its predecessor[in a way the company is forced to].

If the company is actually going to launch a new phone, the One Plus will have to make it compelling enough for all the fans. One Plus 5 was not well received as the company had expected. Most of the people complained that the phone is overpriced comparing with One Plus 3. Many also complained about its camera since its camera performance didn’t live up to the hype that company created. So this time around, it will have to make a phone that actually live up to the expectations of the fans.

– Ajomon Jose