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Honey Rose South Indian Actress Trending Photoshoot

Honey Rose
Honey Rose Varghese is a popular South Indian actress. Honey Rose was born in Kerala and appeared in several Malayalam movies. 
Dhwani Nambiar in Trivandrum Lodge, Pinky in Chunkzz, Nancy in 5 Sundarikal, and Diana in Ring Master are popular roles in the Film career of Honey Rose.

Movie lovers keeps searching for movie stills of the actress as she timely updates her upcoming project details online. She has large number of fan based follower on social media.
Besides Malayalam Honey Rose also appears in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies.

Pattampoochi is the latest movie of Honey, where she played Vijayalakshmi character. The actress is simple and always put her own unique style to each character she plays. Malayalam Movie Big Brother is one such films. She plays the role of a sister in law of the hero. In the film, She was rescued from attackers in her childhood.

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