Digilocker – Digitalising the nation

Digilocker , the word may be heard by many of you as it was one of the important step in digital literacy of india and was launched last july.

Digilocker is an cloud based secured storage system which allows you to store your personal documents such as aadhar , license , passport , marklists and other important documents digitally. It was the baby of department of electronics and information technology of india and was aimed for compelete digitalisation and online documentations which reduce paperworks. A user having an aadhar number verified with phone number can get access to the digilocker systems freely and gets 10 mb of storage space for storing their important documents which can also be accessed for government digital processes.

Digilocker youth

The 10 mb data may seen very funny during these times but the govt plans to Increase the storage space by providing and linking other additional departments for the smooth running . But the general opinion amongst the masses was rejective since only 10 milliion of the total population has only regIstered for it with maharashtra state being the most registered users of about 1 lakh.

Digilocker youthpage

The main reasons for the negative approach may be due to the issues of privacy and security since all the documents of the total populations in one server can be misused easily. But digilocker assures the safety of its users by providing additional security features. We can hope for a develped digital india and signing up of more users in the coming time as digilocker can be used as a general locker for all the government policies.