Dhinchak Pooja’s Dilon Ka Shooter Video Gets Huge Audience Attention

There are so many questions like who is Dhinchak pooja? Why her songs are getting so much popularity? Even I deny calling them songs. They look somewhat funny though. Well, Dhinchak Pooja, YouTube Fame now is on the peak of popularity. The people who helped her reaching there are her haters actually. They commented, shared, re-manufactured her song and what not to help her reaching there.

Her new song is out “Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter” which has crossed 1 million + views in just 2 days. I know many personalities on YouTube who work really very hard to have some name, fame and money. You might have watched Vidya Vox, Shirley Setia songs videos on YouTube, they don’t block comments by the way. Even they do not get so much views on their videos. So, what we learn today, not only supporters and lovers but also haters can bring us near to the destination. Enjoy the life and have confidence. The only thing I appreciate about her is that of her Confidence, so guys be confident. She is inspiration to many beginner singers as they can also get famous on YouTube provided that they are confident and are having enough haters to be trolled…lol. well, If you enjoyed reading the post please share with your friends on your social handles. – Harshit Pandey