Behavioural Psychology – What will you do if its like this

Psychology is a state of mind described in words that cant be deducted as a whole in a part of time , which is a fact we all know through our rigorous experiences. But if i say something amazing which you feel ridiculous which can break all your current perceptions and sometimes even demotivates you , iam so sorry because the fact is always a fact and a truth is obviously the truth eventhough it is covered by a thousand lies.

Human behaviour which is a state of mind created by a forest of neurons alligned in a spectacular way is infact a tactical way of the creator for preventing the unlimited usage of energy modes to a limited quantites ofcourse to prevent the misuse of your perfect blended soul for unnecessary actions. Let it make more understandable by a series of examples. Consider yourself to be in a situation were you cant find anything else but only to protect your ego . Everyone consider themselves as a hero or heroine in their part of world were nothing is impossible . Thats why a crack in their ego can matter of lot everytime . Ego is nothing but a situation were you are carried away by unwanted passions , forgetting how small you are in this unimaginably humangous universe. You may feel you are great and everyone may be under you because its the way you are created and someone who tricks their ego is undoubtedly the most successful person in my perspective since its a thing which most fails drastically.

Behavioural Psychology

If you are humiliated by someone whom you cares a lot says something hilarious were everyone stares at you in a more humiliating manner is something we cant bear at a lot of times . The situation will be more complicated if you are a person whom struggles a lot to be in a respectful manner and also trying to hide your weaknesses inside your inner mind. Here ego of both the source and receiver plays a part as you can deduce a person with high standard of mind tries to understand in the other persons perspective and keeps quiet. This was just a small occurable situation and the realities in your lives may be a lot more complicated. Just think of a situation like that and simultaneously observe how that situation would be different in another sense of behaviour. Always beleive that you are creator of your own scripts and the whole responsibility of a situation undoubtedly lies in your hands.
Just leave everything else and come to our point . Basically , most behaviours you see in your fellow beings are too subjective like moods , emotions , cognitions etc. Lets make your mind more wide by conditioning the responses and stimuli happening to you .
If you want to really react to a situation , think of making the situation more colourful by adddition of some higly brilliant exclamations or comments which can create a sense of smile in the listeners.

Behavioural Psychology

If you are in a dilemma of what to do in an awkard situation that willl surely haooen in future and becoming tensed about it is an age old techinique. Use schrodingers cat techinique . Schrodinger, a great chemist and physist once asked a question to a group of people and his question was weather the cat in a box had died or not since he had filled several eatables except one which was injected with poison . His answer was simple , just open the box and know it. Likewise just allow the situation to move on and time will give you the answer. But dont forget to make your signature tactics if that situation suits in your hand for a slight amount of time which is more likely to happen if you beleive. The point here is that if you ever want react to a situation just think of these questions like how much is a person related to the situation matters in your life , what will be the response he is likely to make , how can i make this problem a memmorable one or sometimes if the situation fly away from your control remember scrondongers cat. Thats all and always make your life beautiful not by great acheivements or protecting your ego but by creating and stitching small yet beautiful memmories which becomes eternal in your tiny and timid heroistic life.
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