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Addison Rae Actress, Social Media Influencer, Dancer Top Viewing Photos

Addison Rae Easterling is a popular social media celebrity, influencer, dancer. Addison was born in 2000 and 22 years old. Addison Rae gain followers on Tiktok with her videos and became trending on internet. Later she appeared in the American teen romantic comedy movie He’s All That. Addison played the character Padgett Sawyer. The movie premiered in Hollywood and released on Netflix. The film got huge appreciation from the viewers. Addison Rae has 40 million followers on instagram.

Addsion Rae appeared in video songs Blueberry Faygo, Canceled, Obsessed. Addison also won Streamy Awards 2021 for the ‘Lifestyle’ category. Addsion Rae got appreciated for her generous side. She has donated 1 million US dollars from prize money of her winning to the charity No Kid Hungry.


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