Gowry Lekshmi Singing Maayaathe Don’t Fade Away Beautiful Music Video

Gowry Lekshmi singing Maayaathe AKA Don’t fade away music video. The video song says anything that’s true or genuine should always remain eternal, that’s what we all wish. So is true love. It should stay boundless in all perspectives, It’s a promise or commitment that we make each other to stay together through the thick and thin.

Maayaathe AKA Don’t Fade Away- Charles Nazareth, Gowry Lekshmi

Love is the happiness that you find in the little things when you are
together. Now here’s a beautiful depiction of such a love story, which is timeless, that is eternal, Maayaathe. This will be a totally new experience for you all, we hope.

Watch Maayaathe Music Video

Just as the name says this probably may leave an imprint on your hearts that will never fade, but get deeper and sweeter as time goes, A newer definition of unending love and passion.