Money or Power, An Unsolved Riddle

The most misjudged and unethical way of describing money and power may be caused due to comparing both of them together. But it always makes sense to do so due to the complexity and uncomparability of the two most celebrated words in the world. The difference between those two can be varied across the poles because of the lack of proper understanding and diverted use of the two in many diversified manners. The person having the luck to have money and power at the same time makes him invincible in a lot of ways as we think but in this universe filled with cosmic energy vibrations of different levels , Law of attraction is applicable to both of them at a time but one has to be always cared about his karma and doings since the negativeness caused by any one among the two can be irreversible. But before everything we can define how money , power and if posssible both together , works.

Money has been the medium of exchange after the barter system long ago since 400 bce and the monetory system had been working pretty well since the date. But on present conditions in the age of billionaires , a mark of 100 billion dollors in the possession of a single individual had been occurred. We all know persons like bill gates [microsoft] , jeff bezos [amazon], warren buffet who have immense money on records but hidden secrets say that there are a lot others who have Money which we cant think of and is not on accounts like the illuminaty and rothschild family who are hiding their wealth in a very expertified manner.

Power youth

Have you ever wondered what these people will do with such immense amount of money. By considering an average indian a monthly income of 30000 is more than enough to live a simple life but anyone who is earning an average of 1 lakh is rich in indian conditions and he earns a lifetime money of about 2 crore rupees if he is intelligent enough. But the fact is that this two crore may exceed the daily income of a single brilliant personalities of this world. Sounds interesting , isnt it. Literally we can say that money can buy power since a normal human being tends to fall before money and an average sum of dollars can definitely change his mind. Thats why , many lateral thinkers are running for money and they can have the power too. But the real fact is that POWER is always POWER .

If money can be considered as a new luxurious mansion in new york city that lasts for a few years Power is an age old castle that will be for centuries and as a person , i always disrespect the person who is behind the former. Abraham lincoln once said that if you want to test the true character of man , just give him power. Yes , thats why it is clear that power if used in a good manner can change the mindset of even this whole world as Jesus christ did since he had the most valuable power in his hands but he justified this world by sacrificing his life which led to the inspiration of many. If you are destined and courageous enough to attain ypur goals , my humble request is that in your life if ever come in dilemma of choosing money or power , always choose authority since it is an enotion which you cant imagine in a mere sense because thr value of it resides in the minds of other individuals and it will reside there ever.

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