Let’s know Initiative Provides Support to Indian Football Players

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Football is the second most watched popular sport in India. But the number of people truly addicted to this game is really enchanting to watch and their willingness to know almost everything circling it is quite admirable. This love comes out from the beautiful performances showcased by their favourite club and its players who are up to meet the fan’s expectation.


Let’s know is said to be the heartbeat for the sport of football in India as it brings forward that love in front of the fans in a remarkable way. At BIS, Let’s know believe in bringing to you the best first hand information and content from the ground level through multiple interviews of Indian players, their stories and videos and promotion of the game as well as a support maker
in their carrier to provide them a platform which they thoroughly deserve.

Let’s Know focus is to spotlight on uprising talents from grassroot programmes and to learn more about those players who are really ambitious and hold big dreams. This helps them to express their journey to choose football as their life on the social media causing to drag interest of the viewers. Spectators are acknowledged of the player’s positivity and hard work and it
triggers a rich source of inspiration on both ends.

Youth 2

Intact, Let’s know is a step forward for the betterment of Indian football and most importantly always backing up players to do their best on the pitch.