Sudani From Nigeria Malayalam Movie Review

sudani from nigeria Review

Sudani From Nigeria – “A Refreshing Tale Of Love & Compassion”
Review By Afsal

KL 10,written and directed by Muhsin Parari was among few movies that won hearts by its realistic portrayal of people and culture of Malappuram.Now,Sudani From Nigeria,penned by the duo of Muhsin himself and debutant director Zakariya Mohammed is yet another sensibly crafted feel good tale from Malappuram that holds remarkable performances,heart-touching sequences and good music.

The screenplay,set in the backdrop of Malabar’s legendary ‘Sevenes Football’ is stuffed with subtle humor and easily connectable emotional sequences,narrated eminently by Zakariya who has succeeded in presenting the story engaging to all the sections of the movie going audience.Lack of any forced cinematic gimmicks worked out big time and the simplicity and genuinity in presenting the characters ensured that the emotions are conveyed well to the viewers who get attached to the proceedings in a flash.

The run-time of the movie is just above 2 hours and there wasn’t a single dull moment in the entire duration of the movie,a covetable achievement for a debut director’s movie with a relatively new cast without many big names attached to it.The best part of the movie was without doubt its refreshing climax portion that’s brimming with raw emotions,being executed exceptionally well by Zakariya.

The movie can boast of one among the best selection of cast in recent times,with all the actors pulling of their roles brilliantly with the authentic Malappuram flavor to it.Soubin Shahir was exceptional with his impeccable comic timing and showcased his versatality during emotional sequences.Two notable performers among the supporting cast were Savithri Sreedharan who played mother to Soubin and Sarasa Balussery who enacted the easily lovable neighbour Beeyumma with perfection .

Rex Vijayan and Shahabaz Aman did an impressive job in the music department and all the songs were placed well in the narrative.Frames by Shyju Khalid and cuts by Naufal Abdullah were good.

Overall,Sudani From Nigeria is a heart-warming tale of togetherness,that deserves a watch from the cinemas at the earliest.

Rating – 4/5