Parava Review – A Pretty Decent Feel Good Entertainer

Parava Review – A Pretty Decent Feel Good Entertainer by Afsal
Apart from being a dependable supporting actor,Soubin Shahir has long been assistant to prominent directors like Fazil,Siddique,Amal Neerad and Rajiv Ravi with Parava marking his directorial debut,a much sought-out affair,thanks to an extended cameo by heart-throb of youth Dulquer Salmaan.On the positive side,Parava has managed to keep the huge expectations intact,offering a breezy take on the not much explored daily life of Mattanchery in the backdrop of ‘pigeon racing’.

The narrative swivels between two rather separate storylines,focusing on the life of two innocent young boys and a group of grown-up youth,both being narrated in nevertheless a decent manner with necessary freshness and required connection between the two.Soubin has managed to throw light on the day-to-day life Mattanchery with originality and much needed detail similar to Lijo Jose Pellisery’s critically acclaimed drama film ‘Angamaly Diaries’ that got released a few months ago.

The first half of the movie holds the meaty share of well-etched sequences in the movie that makes up for the small glitches popping up through the rest of the narrative.The notable negative of the movie is the over-drawn second hour where nothing much progresses except for elongated episodes of dove-flying and at least a couple of unnecessary sub-plots centered around inconsequential characters.The climax of the movie was good even though I felt that the fight sequence could have been easily trimmed off by a minute or two.

The episode involving Dulquer Salmaan was really heart-warming and Dulquer ensured that he has put his full efforts to make the character Imran instantly lovable for the audience.Both the young actors,Govind Pai and Amal Shah played their part exceptionally well and won hearts for their natural dialog delivery.Shane Nigam,Arjun Ashokan,Sreenath Bhasi,Srinda Arhaan,Jacob Gregory etc played their part well.Siddique gave a notable performance.

Another major highlight of the movie is its top-notch frames by Littil Swayamp who has earlier made a brief acting cameo in Anjali Menon’s 2012 blockbuster ‘Ustad Hotel’.Music and background score by Rex Vijayan was impressive.

0verall,Parava is satisfactory movie experience that marks a promising entry for Soubin Shahir into the field of film direction.