Ramaleela Review – A Neatly Executed Political Thriller

Ramaleela Review – “A Neatly Executed Political Thriller” by Afsal

Personally I was excited to catch “Ramaleela” on the day of its release because it marked the comeback of ‘Janapriyanayakan’ Dileep in his angry young man avatar,one which I have enjoyed thoroughly in his yesteryear superhits like “Lion” and “Kochi Raajav’.The movie fell into controversies due to certain misadventures in the personal life of Dileep,but luckily made it to the big screens eventhough delayed by a month or two.

Looking into the movie one can clearly perceive the efforts taken by debutant Arun Gopy and team to present an intriguing political drama by utilizing the massive screen presence of Dileep who badly needed a grand come back after his recent misfires in the boxoffice.The well-written screenplay by Sachy acted as a solid support for the narrative,being filled with ample dose of drama,thrills and humor to cater to the Malayali audience belonging to different age groups.

The first half of the movie was really impressive with tight screenplay,crispy dialogues and above all a towering performance from Dileep.The interval block managed to evoke necessary enthusiasm to look forward into the second half.

Eventhough started quiet lethargic,the second half never went below the average level at any point of the narration and ended with an exhilarating climax that’s sure to evoke goosebumps in the viewer inside you.The cleverly conceived climax ensured that any inherent lags or loopholes that the narrative holds negligible and more or less a plan devised to increase the impact of the culmination.

I have always felt that Mollywood was starving for a well conceived political thriller and I can happily say that debutant Arun Gopy has put an end to this long waiting with this immensely enjoyable thriller that’s sure to make it big at the cinemas.

Performance wise Dileep was at his awesome best throughout the film and reminded of his celebrated characters from films like “Runway” and “Lion”.The actor never wasted a single chance to emote his versatality in methodically handling both emotional and humorous situations.Kalabahavan Shajon got a meaty role to play alongside Dileep and gave a lovable performance.Prayaga Martin did her part well.Radhika SharathKumar,Vijayaraghavan,Siddhique etc were adequate.

Songs and backgroundscore by Gopi Sunder was suiting the theme of the narrative.The title song in particular was brilliant and placed at the right juncture in the storyline.Cuts by Vivek Harshan were neat.Frames by Shaji Kumar were crispy.

Overall,Ramaleela is a neatly executed political thriller worth a watch from the big screens at the earliest.Seems the good old days of thrilling political dramas is back in Mollywood !