Russia moving to make Bitcoin as Legal money for wall against Money Laundering

Bitcoin russia

At present, in contrast to many countries in the world, is not very good attitude to Russia in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. There have been cases of blocking the work sites, and even prison sentences, only for the use of Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, the country wants to change the existing situation. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev gave an interview in which he said that by 2018 Russia hopes to recognize cryptocurrency. Of course, now there is the question of how it will be classified virtual money (assets, cash or securities), but it is more about timing than of the possibility of recognition of Bitcoin.

Of course, there are reasons for the decision. According to Russian officials neniyu such a measure would better combat fraud and money laundering. If a state knows the parties to the transaction, it can prevent the transfer of funds abroad. Moses said that the past few years, measures to combat money laundering conventional schemes have given good results and recognition cryptocurrency will not allow them to go into a digital format.