Puthan Panam Review – A Passable Ranjith Satire That Suffers Due To An Aimless Second Half

Puthan Panam - A Passable Ranjith Satire That Suffers Due To An Aimless Second Half

Puthan Panam Review – ” A Passable Ranjith Satire That Suffers Due To An Aimless Second Half” By Afsal

Detailed Analysis

Eventhough their last project ‘Kadal Kadannoru Mathukutty’ was a failure both critically and commercially,the sought-after combo of veteran diretor Ranjith and Megastar Mammootty have given life to noteworthy movies in the past like ‘Kaiyoppu’,’Paleri Manikyam – Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Kadha’,’Black’ and ‘Pranchiyettan And The Saint’.Puthan Panam which was rumored to be based upon the after-effects of demonetization in Indian economy was announced just few days after the particular incident and expectations were sky high from the combo to deliver an able satire based upon the same.

The movie started-of promisingly with a brilliant performance by Mammookka taking the movie forward smoothly utilizing his star power and towering screen presence to the fullest.The situational verbal humor involving Mammootty and his gang made the whole affair lively and as such the first half hinted a neatly crafted entertainer from Ranjith and the crew.

The problems started with the onset of the second half,once the storyline started to concentrate upon an outright silly quest for a gun,with the screen time alloted for Mammootty becoming lesser as minutes passed by.The lack of a well-etched storyline started to become clear and the quality of a smooth movie experience started to deteriorate alarmingly with the course of the narrative.

There were an array of inconsequential sequences which could have been easily chopped-off from the storyline.The well-known fact that way too many characters can harm a simple storyline was stamped with this half-hearted second half.

The sequences featuring the child and his gang were a big letback and made worse by the kid mouthing heroic dialogues that turned unintentionally funny after a point.The second song could have been totally avoided to gain pace for the narration.

The climax portions aimed at fans of the Megastar were rather effective and as such a big relief in an otherwise boring second half.The overall treatment of the movie created a doubt that the issue of demonetization issue was added to the basic stroyline after it was completed and hence given a second-class importance after a point.

Coming to the performances,it was a Megastar show right from the start and the 65 year old actor was a delight to watch every time he appeared on the screen.Had Ranjith tried to work upon the mass image of the powerful character ‘Nityananda Shenoy’,the result could have been altogether a much better experience for critics and fans alike.The cast of the movie includes a large number of notable names like Mamukkoya,Nirmal Palazhi,Joy Mathew and Iniya who all did their part well .Another notable performance was by Baiju who was quiet impressive with his matured act.The peformance by members of child gang were just okayish.

Songs by Shaan Rahman and Shahabaz Aman were mediocre,but the background score by Achu Rajamani managed to elevate the energy of the narration.Frames by Om Prakash were impressive and the color gradient used was good.Editing part could have been dealt much better.

Overall,Puthan Panam is a lazily crafted satire that lost touch with the basic plot of demonetization half way through the narrative.

Notable Positives

Good First Half, Mammootty, Cinematography

Weak Links

Weak Storyline, Below Average Second Half, Avoidable Characters And Scenes

Final Verdict: Letdown by a half-baked second half,Puthan Panam is a passable satire that is at best a one time watch for a power-packed performance by Megastar Mammootty!